29 Things You Should Know About Me (The Real About Me Page)

About Me

socks mismatchWhen I started this blog, the last thing I wanted to do was to appear generic. I have a problem with being like everybody else. I guess I like to color outside the lines. Hmmmm, that’s where my youngest daughter gets that attitude. (Not the coloring outside the lines part. She’s a phenomenal artist.)

I wrote my “About Toni” page in a way that was a bit different from the norm, but I still feel like something’s missing. It will probably change again in the next few weeks. Regardless of what happens over there, over here I’m going to share 29 things about me that will hopefully help you get to know the real me.

Ready? Here we go:

  1. I’m an only child. As such, I [sometimes] tend to think my way is the only way.
  2. I was extremely introverted growing up. It’s still somewhat shocking to me that I find the greatest fulfillment when helping other people achieve their next level.
  3. I’m an undercover goof. How can an introvert be a goof? I said undercover. People always wonder why my daughter is so silly. I know why!
  4. I joined the Navy and left home 5 days after graduating high school headed to boot camp in Orlando, Florida. That was an interesting two months. See, I couldn’t swim and that’s important in the Navy. The recruiter said they would teach me in boot camp. He lied. Go figure.
  5. I have degrees in Accounting and Business Administration. I only needed 9 hours to complete my Masters in Accounting and Financial Management. Then, I realized that I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life working for someone else. So, I guess I’m a grad school dropout.
  6. I’m a serial entrepreneur. I get a rush from everything that goes into the startup phase of a new business.
  7. I owned a small (really small) tax practice for 14 years. My niche was home daycare providers. I still have one client who won’t trust anyone else with her stuff. I’ve always believed in finding a niche. It makes marketing easier.
  8. My first public speaking/training seminar was “Recordkeeping and Tax 101 for Home Daycare Providers.” I was awesome…said the introvert!
  9. The most fun business I’ve ever owned was a cheerleading gym. I coached a competitive cheerleading team to Nationals. I was never a cheerleader. But, owning the gym is actually how I met my husband. He was the creative genius behind all of our cheer gear!
  10. The second most fun business was running a preschool gymnastics program. It was actually part of the cheerleading gym, but I also had a mobile program that I actually took into local daycare centers and taught gymnastics to 2, 3, and 4 year olds. You guessed it! I never took gymnastics. Kids are uber cute and extra eager to learn! That was so much fun!
  11. The most interesting business I ever started was a home tending business. I placed people with nice furniture in vacant houses that were on the market for sale. They paid me a small fee to live in other people’s houses and take care of the property until it sold. Genius!
  12. I never took the road test to get my driver’s license. I won’t go into details, just in case the feds are watching. Let’s just say things are different from state to state and nobody really pays attention.
  13. I lived in Norfolk, Virginia for 2.5 years, right down the street from the beach. I was literally within walking distance but only went to the beach two or three times while I was living there.
  14. I sold car insurance in Virginia as a mobile agent BEFORE we had the technology we have now. There were no laptops, wireless internet, or fancy cell phones. I had a pager. Whenever an car salesman sold a car they would page me, I would call my office to get the quote and details, and drive to the dealership to complete the paperwork.
  15. I wanted to open a home daycare, but faced problems with the Homeowner’s Association before I ever got my first enrollment. That’s how I learned everything I know about deed restrictions and home-based businesses. It’s also how was inspired to help other providers learn the “business of child care.”
  16. I was afraid of cats and dogs growing up. Nothing’s really changed. Since I’m a “big girl” now, I just say I’m uncomfortable around pets. This is one of the reasons it took so long to decide to get my real estate license. It’s also one of the reasons I decided to become a real estate coach after gaining my experience “in the trenches.” It’s safer on this side.
  17. I love being outdoors in tranquil settings like my backyard, at the beach, or on the golf course. Nope, I can’t play golf.
  18. Speaking of golf, I was a volunteer/mentor for The First Tee youth golf program. I “coached” my daughter on a very basic level when she played. I’m great at teaching people how to do things. {insert cheesy grin here}
  19. Speaking of teaching people to do stuff I don’t know how to do, I taught my younger cousin how to swim when I was a kid. Remember when I said earlier I couldn’t swim?
  20. I love to cook and try new recipes. I like creating my own recipes and calling them experiments. If I know how something is supposed to taste, I can pretty much figure out what to put in it.
  21. I can cook a Thanksgiving dinner, with desserts, in two hours instead of two days. I never understood the pre-day cooking.
  22. I am VERY opinionated and it catches people off-guard because I am also very introverted. I know that sounds like I have a split personality, but that’s how WE roll.
  23. I am really quick-witted. My husband calls me a “smart ass.” At first, I thought it was a compliment. Then, I realized it had nothing to do with my level of intelligence.
  24. In my mobile phone, my kids are listed as Boy, Girl, The Baby and Shorty. Boy is 24, Girl is 22, The Baby is 16, and Shorty is 17 and as tall as I am. I don’t have the youngest kid’s number in my phone, but she’d probably be listed as “Stinka” since that’s what her dad calls her.
  25. I’m a perfectionist, to a fault. I’m learning not to let my need for things to perfect get in the way of progress. “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” (bet you didn’t see what I did here. ha!)
  26. I am very determined…to a fault. When I want something I usually won’t stop until I get it. I’m not a giver-upper! This trait combined with perfectionism can be very stifling. I’m learning and growing. That’s what important, right?
  27. I don’t like taking pictures by myself. About 95% of the photos in my Facebook albums are of me and my husband. He really brings out the cute in me. I have a long overdue photo shoot on my “To Do” list. I just can’t find the time to get it done. {smirk}
  28. I am very passionate about helping entrepreneurs succeed. My focus is on helping entrepreneurs plan, create, and implement a sustainable business strategy. The truth is, we must have systems, processes, and tools in place to make that happen. I’ll admit, I got caught up in the ICA and “that one thing” phenomenon. But, I realized my strength is WHOLE business development. My creativity spans across industries. My “one thing” is helping entrepreneurs build businesses.
  29. Oh, yeah! My socks never match. If you ever catch me wearing matching socks it’s probably a great day to play the lottery.


Ok, I think I’ll stop now. If you’re still here thanks for hanging in there to the very end. I hope you know enough about me to see me as a REAL person and not just a website. If you think I’m pretty cool LIKE me on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter.

If you have your own blog or website, I challenge you to write your own post like this. Let people know you’re a real person. I was inspired to write this post by Corbett Barr’s 33 Things I’ve Never Told You (or, How to Re-Introduce Yourself and Kick Your Watered-Down Self in the Ass)! Be inspired…

  • Sam Picarello

    What a fun list! I smiled all the way to number 29! This is the cutest about me page I’ve ever read! We have a few things in common. I too was terrified of dogs my whole life until my children begged for a puppy. I eventually relented and brought one home for Christmas. She is now a 100lb Rottweiler / Shepherd mix and I love her as if she was my baby :). Funny thing is, I’m still uncomfortable around other people’s pet.

    • Haha! I’m wearing one of those socks in the pic right now! WOW! You really took a leap. A Rottweiler-Shepherd mix??? I thought about getting a “designer up” but it would be a shame to spend so much and have to give it way. Even if we’d adopted one the kids would have never forgiven me.

      But, once there was a stray puppy that made a home on our front porch for a few days. We called to have it picked up. The day I came home and it was gone I was a little sad. I think that’s what triggered the whole Shih-Poo/Shih-Apso thought.

  • Andrea

    This is a great idea! It has really brought your ‘about me’ page to life. You can see your personality shining through and see you’re definitely a ‘real’ person. Love it. I think I will take you up on your challenge and re-write mine. I’m particularly impressed you taught someone to swim & play golf, but you don’t yourself. Go girl!